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Yankees at Seattle, July 2012

Joni and Derek at Safeco Field, July 25, 2012

Joni and Derek at Safeco Field, July 25, 2012

For as many years as I can remember, Joni and I have been going to Seattle when the Yankees are in town, which is either once or twice a year.  In early March, single-game tickets go on sale online for the Mariners and one of us is assigned the task of being on the web getting tickets.  This year (every year? 🙂 ) it was Joni’s turn, and she got us some amazing seats behind home plate for the games on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.  It was a perfect few days in Seattle – great food, great weather, great baseball including Ichiro’s 2nd and 3rd game in a Yankee uniform, and an Internet radio station DJ as our friend and seatmate.

Until next year.  Go Yankees!

Yankee season ended, not with a bang but a whimper

I’ve been meaning to write this for the past 2 weeks, but have been way too busy – which I guess is a good thing.

Well, the Rangers and Cardinals are playing in the Series – who really predicted that?  And with apologies to any friends who are fans of either team: does anybody really care?  I can’t remember the last time I was less interested in the World Series.

Nevertheless, the Yankee season has ended and at least we’re not all talking about fried chicken and beer.  It’s hard to say this, but I do kind of feel sorry for Red Sox nation.  First the team goes 7-20 for September, then Tito takes the blame, now we’re trying to figure out what kind of fried chicken Beckett likes and if his cup was full of water or beer in the 7th inning.  It’s hard to feel too sorry for you guys though.  Really hard. You’ll always have 2004.  But don’t forget that we’ll always have Aaron F. Boone and 2003.  One last point: remember, it wasn’t the Yankees “laying down” against Tampa Bay the last 3 games of the season that got you out of the playoffs.  It was that you went 7-20, including, winning only 1 of 3 games against the same Yankees team only days earlier.  And the win came against Scott Proctor.  You are welcome.

Game 5 against the Tigers was brutal.  We really did lose because we couldn’t get a big hit when it mattered.  As a reminder, 2 weeks later I still remember that the Yanks had 5 at-bats with the bases loaded, and only scored one run when Texiera walked. I thought Girardi managed the series pretty well and there were only two things I thought should have been different.  First, CC didn’t have his best stuff in Game 3 so when Detroit pinch-hit a lefty in the 6th inning to try to keep CC out there, I still through Girardi should have went to the bullpen.  Second, I applaud the idea of moving Cano up in the order, but he needs to bat cleanup.  I really liked Texiera in the 3-spot, so I would have had Tex-Cano-ARod going 3-4-5.

Although we didn’t get past the 1st round, it still was a fun year to be a Yankees fan.  Jeter’s 3000th hit and his great season.  Mariano being the last guy who will ever get 600 saves, and he is still on top of his game.  Did we see Jorge’s last hurrah?  He had a great series against Detroit – I hope he decides to go out on that note.

Next year should be interesting.  There are a number of questions going into the postseason.  First and foremost, I hope that the only reason CC opts out of his contract is because 30 seconds later he is signing a multi-year deal with the Yanks.  Next, what’s up with ARod?  It might be time to move him down to 6th in the lineup.  What about Swish?  Where does Garner bat?  Putting him 9th doesn’t get him the at-bats he needs to make a difference (see just about every article about this pre-season).  Montero looks amazing, but where will he play?  It seems weird to have a 21-year old be a full-time DH.

Well, time to root for the Football Giants.  Last Sunday, I heard one of the NFL guys say that the Giants are the best team in the NFC East, which is the complete kiss of death.  Go Blue!

Yankees clinch their spot in 2011 MLB Playoffs

I’m super-excited that the Yankees have clinched a spot in the 2011 playoffs. Their magic number is now 2 in order to clinch the American League East, and then a few more to clinch best record in the American League which will give them home field advantage for the AL Championship. I also really like how they have chosen not to celebrate this milestone – they are waiting to celebrate until when they clinch the East – which could happen later tonight.

I’m torn about one thing though. The Yankees have 8 games left in the season – 5 against the Rays and 3 against the Red Sox. The Rays are now 2 games behind the Red Sox for the AL Wild Card. The only realistic way that the Rays will overtake the Red Sox is if they win most of the games left against the Yankees. This is borderline heartbreaking.

Go Yankees!

Yankees sweep the Rays today and Red Sox lost, so we are the AL East division winners!

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