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Maybe I can run 10 miles in these shoes…

If I ever run into the gentleman who I wrote about in June, I hope he isn’t too disappointed that I wasn’t able to run 10 miles in those shoes.  I’ve been running pretty regularly since then and have upped the miles a little bit, but my grey and orange LunarGlides wore out and yesterday were officially demoted to dog walking shoes.  My older dog walking shoes – another pair of LunarGlides, are at Nike and will become part of a basketball court someday.

So while I’m still looking to do a 10-miler before the end of the summer, it will have to be on these shoes.

Nike Lunarglide2 Black and White


Reuse-A-Shoe program – recycle worn running shoes

What do you do with your old running or athletic shoes that are no longer good for running or athletic activity?  What about after they are done being dog walking or lawn mowing shoes?

My running shoes have a lifespan.  After about 6 months or so, they are too beat up for running but definitely still good for something.  When we owned our house, I’d use them for lawn mowing or work around the yard.  Now that we’ve been in the condo, they get demoted to dog walking shoes.  I don’t think Riley minds that the shoes I put on every morning for our 20-30 minute 6AM walks are considered lower class than whatever shoes I’m using for runs – he’s just glad that I get my butt out of bed because it’s all about him.  I digress.  Back to the shoes – after a while, they get too worn even for our morning walks.

Nike has a great program where your recycling shoes are used to make materials used for running tracks and basketball and tennis courts.  So instead of tossing your old sneakers in the trash, bring them in to get recycled.  They’ll gladly accept other brands and if you come in with the shoes in a paper bag they’ll even recycle the bag for you.  Today we recycled 3 pairs of shoes: 1 of my old running shoes and 2 pairs of Joni’s old workout shoes.

Check out more information here:

Can you run 10 miles in those shoes?

Running Shoes

These are my current running shoes.  They are the 4th pair of Nike Lunerglide’s I’ve had.  Joni bought me my first pair for Christmas/Hanukkah 2009 after I raved about how comfortable they were after trying them on one time and reading an amazing review of them in Outside magazine.  I seem to go through a pair every 6 months or so.  They get too beat up for running and get ‘demoted’ to dog-walking shoes.  After another 6-months or so, they get recycled at the sneaker bin at Nike Town.

Anyway, I was finishing up a ~5 mile run on Friday and was waiting to cross the street at the Salmon Street Fountain in Waterfront Park.  I made eye contact with an older gentleman sitting on a bench with headphones on.  He was probably a transient but looked nice enough and not an angry-looking street kid that I’d want to avoid.  He took off his headphones so that he could talk to me:

Guy: Those are really nice shoes.
Me: Thanks, they’re the best running shoes I’ve ever had.

Guy: Can you run a marathon in those shoes?
Me: No, not me.  I can’t run that far.

Guy: What about 10 miles?  10 miles is pretty good.  Can you run 10 miles in those shoes?
Me: No, not yet.  I did about 5.  I’d like to get up to 10 miles by the end of the summer.

Guy: Well with those shoes, you should be able to.
Me: I hope so.  I’m definitely going to try.

Guy: OK then.  Stay safe.
Me: Yeah, you too.

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