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Subway to expand Gluten-Free test to Portland

Portland is going to be the next ‘test market’ for Subway’s gluten-free test, starting in July.  They’ll have gluten-free sandwich rolls and brownies.  I’m personally excited because the most difficult thing about being gluten-free is getting food on the go.  I’ve read good things about the quality of the rolls and I certainly miss a getting a sandwich at lunch.  And of course, Subways are everywhere.

I’ve also volunteered to tell my gluten-free story as part of the rollout, if they’ll have me. I’ll do just about anything to raise awareness and get more places to offer gluten-free options.

Until then, it’s another day of naked burritos from Qdoba.

UPDATE: July 6, 2011

The agency for Subway emailed me today with a few questions about living with Celiac Disease as it relates to eating out and getting a meal on the go.  According to this site, the roll out in Portland is Monday July 11:

UPDATE: July 13, 2011

Gluten-free is now available!  Check out this page for a location finder and coupon.

UPDATE: July 24, 2011

I finally had a Gluten-Free sandwich today from the store at the South Waterfront, and it was great!  The bread was perfect texture and taste, even after a 10-minute walk back home. The workers take very special care on cleaning “the line” and washing hands, using new gloves, and ensuring there is no cross-contamination.

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