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Riley, hiking dog Part 2

Riley on Cape Lookout South Trail

We took a day trip to the coast on Saturday, to do some hiking at Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook. We took the South Trail, which heads 1.8 miles down to the beach.  When we got down there, Riley found a nice big stick which he decided was his to keep. He carried it all the way back up to the parking lot.  Here he is, taking a quick rest stop on the way back from the beach.


Happy MOK Day!

It’s Mitch’s birthday!  Time to celebrate like it’s 1989!

Mitch and Derek, circa 1989

Mitch and Derek, circa 1989

Lownsdale Square, 6 months later…

A beautiful May morning in Portland, with sunshine and warm weather in the forecast.

When will this be open?

UPDATE: MAY 18, 2012:

Yesterday, the fences were finally removed and the restored parks have been reopened to the public.  There was much rejoicing.


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