Always stretch before running (or building a bridge)

(photo by Joni Photo)

We live in the Strand Condos at the RiverPlace Marina area of downtown Portland – just north of the Marquam Bridge (the I-5 bridge across the river). If you’ve ever driven I-5 South from the East side and crossed the river you’ve seen a few 10-story condos just off to your right. That’s our complex – although we live on the opposite side from the freeway. We live in the southwest corner of the west-most tower – looking south we see an empty lot, the SW Moody/River Pkwy streetcar stop (“last stop in Free Rail Zone”). Just past the streetcar stop is another empty lot that is being used for staging for all of the construction for the new Willamette River transit bridge.

I’m up pretty early taking Riley for his morning walk, and a few months ago I noticed that generally the gates for the staging area of the lot fill up with people between 6-7AM, and that at 7AM they all congregate together. I thought they were just huddling up talking about their projects or tasks for the day. Then one day recently, they seemed to be in a circle doing some sort of synchronous activity. I took out the binoculars and saw them all doing a bunch of stretching techniques together, like in an Aerobics class or something.

I tried taking a picture using my iPhone but could not get a close enough view, so Joni snapped this for me a week or so ago. And now, whenever I’m going out for a run I think about these guys – and I stop and stretch for a while.

    • Linnea
    • July 19th, 2011

    I see this also on my runs! Maybe their workout for the day, some of them!!!

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