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So after 18 months, Hyatt House is opening on August 4.  It’s been interesting living next to a construction site for 18 months.  A very dirty deck (which we had cleaned yesterday), and a minor car incident aside, it hasn’t been too bad.  Hopefully guests will keep their shades down and we won’t see any ugly naked guys. 

Come and visit: .

Hyatt House update

Hyatt House, July 11, 2015

Here’s the latest view of the Hyatt House RiverPlace construction site. The second floor is being built out as can be seen above.  

Hello, Pile Driver

Pile Driver

Pile Driver

After more than 7 years living in our downtown condo, the empty lot next door is finally being developed into the Hyatt House RiverPlace Hotel.  It should open sometime in 2016.  A rendition by the development company can be found here.

Weekend at the Coast – October 2014

Manzanita View - Oct 2014

Joni, Riley, and I really enjoyed a relaxing long weekend at the coast.  This is the view from the house we rented.


Snow Day for Dogs

Riley in boots

Enjoying Portland Winter Storm 2014.

Weekend at the coast – Summer edition


Riley with his stick

Since we had so much fun back in February in Rockaway Beach, we decided to head back for another weekend getaway.  Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones with this idea, so we didn’t get a room overlooking the beach.  But we had a great break nonetheless.  Riley had a great time as well, although we’ve never seen him so tired and sore as when we got home last night.

Vacation is an 8-letter word


As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, with the Portland weather forecasted to be in the 50s with rain showers all weekend, I can’t help but think about the great time we had in Maui a few weeks ago.  This picture is from the deck of the cottage we rented for a week in Paia, Maui.  I think it speaks for itself.

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